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by | May 17, 2013 | Roofing

Solar power is electrical power that has been created using the suns rays. Depending on where you live you may be eligible for the Free Solar Philadelphia project benefits. To do this you will need to pay for professionals to install solar panels and batteries you can also install solar water heaters.

Solar panels are made of cells that react and create electrical energy when they have been hit by light. They do not work with just any type of light. They need light from the suns this is because the rays contain certain chemicals that normal lights do not. The Free Solar Philadelphia project is aimed to promote reusable energy sources to protect and promote the environment in the fight against global warming. Although, it is not recommended that you fit you house with solar power alone. You will need to use the electricity from the main power grid when there has been no sun.

The batteries are very economical. They can last several days without having to be recharged. Most people use ordinary car batteries. The solar panels can generate voltage equivalent to the normal power grid which can burn an ordinary car battery’s cells or even cause them to explode. It is therefore recommended you buy the batteries specifically made to work with solar panels when preparing to make use of the Free Solar Philadelphia project. Also solar panels voltage can change suddenly so it is recommended you do not connect the solar panel to the house power directly.

When you buy the solar equipment you can ask them to be fitted by a professional electrician. Doing this may cost you (depending on the company) but it will save you from problems in the future.

When choosing you electricians consider the following:

Make sure the electrician is fully qualified.

Has passed experience with this type of job.

Is licensed by the relevant authorities.

In conclusion, after you have been accepted for the Free Solar Philadelphia project and are ready to install the equipment you should be very careful and also be aware that this type of electricity is just as powerful as that on the power grid. It is not to be mistreated or taken lightly. On the other hand it gives you free electricity which will reduce your bills drastically.

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