Independent Living near Fairfax, VA Means Downsizing to a Simple, Elegant Lifestyle

by | Aug 13, 2021 | Assisted Living Facility care

Retirees often want to scale down their current home, especially if they had raised children in their current home so that the house is now more than what they need. They find that it’s just extra and unneeded space to heat and cool, plus extra rooms to clean. They may be tired of the lawn work of mowing the grass and raking the leaves and find it physically taxing to do things like shovel snow.

Many would rather have more time for enjoying each other’s company, visiting friends, and taking part in hobbies now that they’re retired. They may not be anywhere ready for assisted living care yet. In these situations, the option of a retirement community that offers independent living near Fairfax, VA may be an ideal solution.

These communities have secure buildings with staff on site if needed, much like the front desk at a hotel. The community may have patios and manicured lawns for residents and their guests, but residents don’t have to worry about taking care of anything. These communities often have a nurse on site, plus a barber shop and beauty salon, fitness center, library, and a computer room for residents.

Apartments have full kitchens with refrigerators, stoves, double sinks, microwaves, dishwashers, and lots of counter space so residents can prepare their own meals and eat at home. The community may also have a dining room with restaurant service. The building may offer housekeeping services. The apartments include all major appliances and window treatments. Residents have individual heating and cooling units for their own apartments. All utilities, including basic cable, may be included in the rent package, which may also include underground parking in a heated, secure garage.

An additional benefit of finding a retirement community that offers transitional care is that all resident apartments, whether independent living or assisted living, will have similar floor plans, decor, appliances, and amenities. In the future, if a resident’s needs change, it is a simple process to transition them to an apartment in the assisted living area without compromising the resident’s standard of living.

If you are looking for the best independent living near Fairfax, VA, visit The Virginian Retirement Community near Fairfax, VA.

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