How to Save Energy With Your Water Heater Coon Rapids MN

by | Apr 8, 2013 | Heating and Air Conditioning

10198894_lMany people are looking for ways to cut back on costs these days. For some, that means that they are looking for ways to save money on their home heating bill with their Water Heater Coon Rapids MN. Heating water in a home can be expensive, but there are things that homeowners can do to reduce the cost of their energy bill each month.

Wrap the water heater in a blanket
One of the best ways that you can save on energy with your water heater is to wrap a fiberglass blanket around it. This is going to cut down on heat loss and can save anywhere from 4-9% on your water-heating bill. It’s going to take a lot less energy to heat your water and therefore your bill isn’t going to be as high.

Use low-flow fixtures and aerators
Another good way to save money on your water heating bill is to install aerators on your faucets and shower heads that are low-flow. This can cut down on your consumption of hot water from 25-60% off. With less hot water coming out of your pipes, you are going to have a lower hot water bill.

Check the water heater’s temperature
If you just got a new water heater, it may be set high. When you turn your temperature down 10 degrees, you are going to save anywhere from 3-5% on the home heating bill. You should keep your setting anywhere from 120 a�� 140 degrees.

Insulate your pipes
This will help your heating bill in the same way that insulating your water heater with a blanket will. Everyone knows how annoying it is to wait for the water to heat up and running the water also uses up energy. When your pipes are insulated, the water will be hotter when it comes out of the faucet, meaning that you don’t have to run the water as long.

Most people know that a water heater in Coon Rapids can use a lot of energy and greatly increase utility bills. But using these four tips above can reduce that amount and help the homeowner save hundreds of dollars every month on their utility bills.

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