How to Replace Tin Ceiling Tiles Long Island, NY

by | Aug 20, 2015 | Construction & Maintenance

Having a tin ceiling is a smart, practical, and cost-effective way for a homeowner to beautify a home. These ceilings consist of tiles of pressed metals like copper and steel. The surface of a tin ceiling tile Long Island NY has a raised decorative design. Because the layers of tin ceiling tiles are thin, it’s easy for them to become damaged. Tin ceilings that aren’t covered in a primer are especially prone to rust. To preserve the original condition of a tin ceiling, a homeowner should learn how to replace tin ceiling tiles.

It’s helpful to take a picture of a tin ceiling tile Long Island NY when a replacement tile is being ordered through the mail. This will give a homeowner the best chance of getting a replacement that matches. When a person purchases tin ceiling tile from a local store, he can simply remove the damaged tile. This damaged tile can be shown to a specialist in the store so a matching replacement can be purchased.

To remove a tin ceiling tile Long Island NY, a homeowner can use a pry bar to remove the tile from the ceiling. The pry bar should be inserted under the edge of the damaged tile. A person should gently extricate a tile by using a downward force. Only use enough force to remove a single tin tile and not damage adjacent tiles. After purchasing the right replacement tile, carefully insert it into the position of the old tile.

It’s preferable to have another person hold the tile in place while tile is being secured to the ceiling. Care should be taken when installing a new ceiling tile. Any ladder used should be tested beforehand to ensure it is sturdy. Users should check the rungs and rails. A homeowner can tug on the locking mechanism to ensure its security.

By using the above-mentioned tips, a person can install new tin ceiling tiles to enhance the appeal of a home. For more information on tin ceilings, talk to a professional at Abingdon Construction. This business offers many types of patterns for tin ceiling tiles.

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