Four Precautions to Take Before Basement Waterproofing in Harrisburg

by | Aug 25, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

Basements are located at the lowest level of the house, leaving them susceptible to water damage and leaks. Waterproofing will assist with this potential problem, and ensure all seals and cracks are sealed so no water can get through. Basement Waterproofing in Harrisburg will take some time to complete, but there are four precautions homeowners can take beforehand to limit leaks and damage.

Clear Gutters

The gutters located along the roof of a house are meant to carry water away from the premises. This doesn’t always work as intended, however, as gutters quickly become clogged. Leaves and other debris that have accumulated need to be cleared out so the water can flow properly one again. This should be done on a regular basis, at least once after every season.

Install Downspout Extenders

Even if the gutters are clear, not all carry the water far enough away. Cleaning the gutters is the first step. The second is to install downspout extenders. These extenders will carry water further away from the home so it can not pool around the foundation and cause a leak downstairs. It is best to extend about ten feet away from the house, and no less than five.

Add Surrounding Soil at a Slope

In order to keep water away from the home. the soil surrounding it should point downward at a slope, toward the yard. This way, the rain will travel down the slope and away from the basement, rather than collecting near the house.

Check Tree Clearance

Different types of trees require longer clearance ranges. Some have roots that will grow over 20 feet, leading them directly to a house where water will be brought down. The length of distance required from the home to the planting site is necessary information to check before adding any trees to the yard.

Even with all these precautions in place, some leaks may still be experienced. The final step is to have a professional complete a waterproofing to ensure no water can get inside. Basement Waterproofing in Harrisburg will seal all cracks and crevices and keep water from flooding in. Homeowners interested in having their basements waterproofed can consult Keystone Foundation Repair.

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