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by | May 8, 2013 | Heating and Air Conditioning

With the weather warming up a lot of people will turn on their air conditioner unit only to find out that it does not work. After turning off their air conditioner for the season, most people fail to continue to keep the system updated with scheduled maintenance as they should even in the off season. As a direct result of failing to maintain the system during the winter months, the unit may ultimately stop working just in time for the weather to warm up. This does not have to be a major setback for your summer months. Call a licensed and insured air conditioning contractor to work out the kinks in your system.

If the contractor is experienced and provide quality service like Harrison Air Conditioning, they will inquire about the symptoms you may be experience. They will then begin by running a few tests on your system in order to properly diagnose what is going on. Based on their findings, you will be given a quote. It is important to compare their findings and their quotes to other air conditioning contractors. If you fail to measure the company against other contractors within the industry, you may pay more for the service and hire a less experience contractor than Harrison Air Conditioning. It is your responsibility to compare notes and to make sure your contract a company that is capable of fixing your unit and providing a warranty for the service.

It is extremely important for you to get a warranty for the service the air conditioning contractor completed. Harrison Air Conditioning are professional and guarantee their work with warranties to place their customer’s minds at ease. If the contractor you are considering hiring does not offer a warranty or offers a very limited warranty, consider going elsewhere. Your home was a big investment and as such the upkeep on the home results in sizable maintenance work. You do not want to throw money down the drain because you failed to hire a knowledgeable, experienced reputable company. Your due diligence is of the utmost importance when considering a contractor to fix your air conditioner unit.

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