Forget Everything You Ever Knew about Portable Toilets in Los Angeles, CA!

by | Mar 18, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

When you think of Portable Toilets in Los Angeles, CA, it’s likely that you think about stinky smelly closet sized toilets that you would only use as a last resort. It’s no wonder you feel this way as there are plenty of job sites across the US that have just this kind of product on their property. That, however, doesn’t mean that all portable toilets are this way. In fact, if you’re planning an event and you’re worried about their being enough bathrooms, there are portable toilets that you might find to be perfect.

When choosing a portable toilet, you have a lot of options. If you need to rent toilets for a church picnic, or something similar, then a standard portable toilet with an included sink may be the perfect choice. This is one step up from the standard (toilet with no sink), but if it’s an eating event you want people to be able to wash their hands when they’re done.

If you’re planning a nicer event, but nothing high end, then you might want to consider renting deluxe Portable Toilets in Los Angeles, CA. Deluxe toilets include a ventilation system, toilets that flush with a foot pump, sinks and even a full length mirror. This option is great for long term use as well, because you don’t have to worry about managing the smells as much.

If you’re going all out for an outdoor event and you need extra bathrooms, but you don’t want any of the basics, then a VIP toilet may be ideal. A VIP system includes high end sinks, lights, ventilation, foot pumped garbage cans, toilets and sinks and even carpeting. These systems can be rented with two to four attachments to accommodate multiple guests at the same time. All in all, you can make an outdoor toilet experience as comfortable as possible with this type of rental.

If you’re looking for a source for all of your toilet rental needs, then visit 1stjon. Here you will find a wide range of options, including outdoor showers that are great for campsites. If you think you know what portable toilets are all about, you’ll change your mind once you’ve seen what they have to offer.


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