Benefits of Using Epoxy Flooring

by | Mar 15, 2014 | Flooring

Epoxy Flooring is a type of durable and hard wearing solution that comes in options for both industrial and commercial industries. These types of floor coatings are able to be applied over a concrete floor in order to create an attractive surface and high performance flooring. There are a number of popular uses for this type of flooring, including in laboratories, beverage plants, pharmaceutical manufacturing structures, warehouses, commercial facilities and many others.

When you select the Epoxy Flooring for the surface of your concrete flooring it will create a very durable and high gloss surface. There are a number of advantages that are offered from the installation of the flooring to the maintenance of the floor. For example, this type of flooring is able to be installed quickly and is extremely easy to clean. Some of the other advantages of this type of flooring is highlighted here.

Seamless Surface that is Easy to Clean

Once the epoxy flooring surface is dry, the seamless finish can be easily wiped clean of debris, dust and dirt. This creates the ideal surface for any plant or industry setting.

Durable and Hard Wearing Surface

The surface that results from the epoxy coating is not only durable, but will last for many years.

Attractive Surface

When the epoxy dries, it will create a high gloss shine and is available in a number of different styles and colors. You are able to choose to use a solid color, or to create a patter by using a number of different colors to reflect the style and environment that you desire.

Surface that is Resistant to Chemicals

An epoxy floor coating is a chemically resistant option that is specifically made for industrial plants, warehouses and manufacturing plants.

Safety Enhancement

The products that are used for epoxy coverings can create a safer environment by creating a surface that is slip resistant, as well as being resistant to fire, heat and impact. The covering can also increase the brightness in your space by up to 300 percent.

When you choose epoxy for your floor covering from Hoffman Floor Covering Corporation, you can reap all of the benefits highlighted here, and more.

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