Benefits Offered by a Regular Chimney Inspection in Suffolk County NY

by | Jul 31, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

Chimneys that are not inspected, repaired and maintained can create a number of issues for a homeowner. While the issues may not be visible from the outside, the serious problems are hidden, inside the depths of the chimney. A professional Chimney Inspection in Suffolk County NY can help ensure the chimney not only functions properly, but will also prevent serious issues down the road, such as a house fire. Chimney inspections offer a number of benefits, which homeowners should not forget about.

Creosote Detection

The biggest threat to any chimney and fireplace is the presence of creosote. This is any unburned wood energy that has built up in the chimney due to burning green wood or insufficient venting. Even when proper care and venting is provided, creosote may still begin to accumulate inside a chimney. This material is extremely combustible and may cause a fire in the upper portions of the home, such as the second story and in some cases the roof. If during the inspection too much of this creosote is present, the inspector will likely suggest a cleaning.

Flue Damper Issues

It is important to open the flue damper when a fire is lit to allow the smoke to vent and then close it when the fireplace is not being used so that the heat will not leave the home. If the damper is damaged, it may be difficult to open and close completely. This will lead to inadequate venting. An inspector can determine if this issue is present and provide the necessary repairs.

Issues with the Lining of the Flue

The chimney’s lining, which is typically made from refractory cement, ceramic or clay is what is responsible for minimizing the byproduct combustion. An inspection can let the homeowner know when a portion of the flue needs to be replaced.

All American Chimney & Duct Cleaning Inc offers additional information about the importance of having a chimney inspected regularly. These services are designed to keep chimneys in proper working order. Failure to have these inspections completed may lead to serious issues, such as a house fire, or worse.

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