May , 2013

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Commonly Asked Questions and Safety Issues Concerning Grain Augers

Grain augers are a necessity for farmers to run an efficient farm operation. While this piece of equipment can save hundreds of man hours, safety precautions should not be ignored. Below you’ll find answers to common questions about Augers Oregon dealers can also offer advice for the best auger for your operation.

What types of augers are there? Augers can be portable or fixed, depending on the needs of each individual. Portable augers are movable so they can be transported to different areas around the farm. Stationary augers, that are used frequently for filling large bins, are anchored in one location. You can also join an auger to another piece of machinery such as a combine or attach it to a storage unit such as a grain bin.

In what lengths are augers manufactured? Portable units are manufactured in lengths of 6 inches to 10 inches in diameter and may be as long as 20 to 60 feet. Larger, fixed augers can be 100 feet or longer in length and 15 inches in diameter. When you are interested in purchasing Augers Oregon dealers can help you find the right piece of equipment for your operation.

How are augers powered to run? One of the most common ways is to run the auger off of the PTO of another piece of equipment. Electric motor and gasoline or diesel fuel engine augers are also available.

What safety issues should I be concerned with when using an auger? If safety precautions aren’t taken, augers can cause severe and fatal injuries. Types of accidents most commonly associated with an auger are fractured bones, the amputation of an arm or leg and electrocution. You can easily become tangled up and pulled into the auger by coming in to close contact with the moving parts. When transporting an auger, electrocution can occur if the top of the auger hits a power line.

What are the safety rules to follow when running a grain auger? Do not wear jewelry or loose clothing and keep long hair tied up. Do not step over the auger while it is in motion. Never step into or place any part of your body in the auger while it is moving. If you need to break up the grain, use a long bar or pole while standing outside of the bin. When moving the auger, lower it horizontally and watch above for low hanging power lines.




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