Commercial Heating Repair Loveland versus Replacing your Heating System

by | Mar 21, 2013 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Every Loveland, Colorado resident needs a heating system because winters here range from hot to cold given the semi-arid (KA�ppen climate classification BSk) climate. Heating systems are important in commercial properties because they make for a favorable working environment. Employees will be more productive and your guests will be comfortable. You will come out as a professional and visitors will not view you as being ‘cheap’. A heating system protects items that are affected by low temperatures such as files, furniture, and some electronics. You will save money since employees will take fewer coffee breaks. You could combine heating with air conditioning and ventilation (by installing a HVAC system) to kill three birds with one stone.

When your heating system breaks down, is ineffective, or is inefficient, you could do heating repair or you could replace the system. There are instances that call for repairs and others that call for replacement.

According to recommendations, you should replace your heating system if it is more than fifteen years old because such a heating system will not be efficient and there will be major energy losses. Old heating systems also break down more often, making them expensive to maintain.

It is always wise to consider the cost of replacement versus the cost of heating repair Loveland before making your choice. As the rule of thumb, you should replace the heating system if the costs of repairs are above 50% of replacement costs. If your have an expensive and efficient heating system that has broken down and there are no options to match the efficiency in the market, consider doing heating repair.

When deciding whether to replace the heating system or to do heating repair, consider the damaged part. It is possible to replace some without affecting the operations of the heating system. As an example, if the thermostat is the problem because of ineffective programming, replacing it (which will only cost you a few dollars) will solve the problem. However, replacing major heating system components could lead to the risk of electrocution, electric fires, health problems, or the recurrence of the problem.

Replace your heating system if it is not ‘green’ enough. A ‘green’ heating system means you will spend a lot less on energy bills. It also helps you attract energy tax credits. With a green heating system, you will reduce your carbon footprint and you will feel good about yourself since you will be doing your part in protecting the environment.

Heating system replacement is necessary if the system breaks down regularly. This is not only expensive, but it is greatly inconveniencing. You should have a heating repair Loveland contractor scrutinize and troubleshoot your heating system to determine if you need to have it repaired or you need to replace it.

You could do heating repair or replacement when your heating system is ineffective or inefficient. Understanding what calls for replacement and for repairs will help you make an informed decision.

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