Bronx Security Systems for Schools

by | Jul 9, 2013 | security systems

9321719_lThe country recently received a wakeup call regarding the safety of our children in schools.A� Although there is still a lot of debate over what is to be done, Bronx security systems can be used to make schools in New York City more secure.A� There are many factors to consider when designing a security system for a school.A� In fact, new school facilities take security into consideration when designing the buildings.A� Security will partner with the school administration in developing an all encompassing security plan.A� There are many levels of security, but when it comes down to it, something is always better than nothing.

Controlling Access
Bronx security systems can control who can gains access to the building and when.A� This could be through the use of electronic IDs or key cards or through the use of a security camera and intercom system.A� By limiting access to the building, the right people can go in and the wrong people are kept out.A� School identification cards can be used to distinguish students, faculty, and other personnel from the general public.A� When visitors arrive at the school, there should be a standard protocol in place.

Video Surveillance
A video surveillance system will allow you to keep eyes on the whole school from a central location.A� The live videos can be monitored for suspicious activity.A� They can also be used to hold students accountable when they do something wrong.A� When students know they are being monitored, they may think twice about their actions.

Following the Plan
A security system is only as good as the people implementing it.A� Bronx security systems can give a school the latest in security, access control, and 24 hour video monitoring, but unless everyone commits to following the protocol, it is useless.A� If used properly, though, a security system can help keep everyone safe.

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