Protect the Home with Fire Alarm Systems and an Escape Plan

by | Jul 10, 2013 | security systems

12319653_xlA fire is dangerous and unpredictable.A� A fire in the home can cause serious damage, injury, or even death.A� Besides protecting the home with fire alarm systems, every family should have a fire escape plan so that in the event of an emergency, everyone knows what to do.A� Being prepared could save lives.

Preparing a Family Fire Escape Plan
It doesna��t take long for a fire to get out of control, so every moment counts.A� Every family should have a fire safety meeting once a month to discuss plans and practice the escape routes.A� There should be two exits for every room.A� The first will be the door, but the door isna��t always the best option.A� Before opening any door during a fire, always feel the door with the back of the hand.A� If it is hot, use the secondary exit.A� Secondary exits, like windows, may need some preparation.A� Every upstairs window should have a collapsible ladder within reach.A� If the window has screens or security bars, the family should practice taking them out.A� A designated meeting place should be established in advance.A� It should be specific, like under a certain tree or by the mailbox, not simply across the street.A�A� Once the escape plan is drawn up, the family should practice once a month.

Installing an Alarm System
Preparing the family is the first step towards fire safety.A� The next is hiring an alarm systems Houston company to equip the house with the latest technology in fire safety.A� Smoke detectors and fire alarms will ensure that the family is roused in case of a fire.A� Professionals will also know the best places to install fire extinguishers and teach the family how to use them properly.A� The experts can also inspect houses to ensure that there are no fire prone areas.

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