Amazing Design Possibilities With Outdoor Lighting in Phoenix

by | Oct 17, 2013 | Home Improvement

Standard outdoor lighting has been typically used for brightening yards for safety and ease of movement after dark. Accent lighting however, is used for highlighting landscaping and special features. It is used to define and add more depth to water features, architectural details and more.

Accent lights are found in multiple voltages, lighting styles and power sources. There are many options to choose from, and knowing what to get and where to start can be a frustrating process. For help with that process and to get the best selection of top-end lights available, there is TouchStone Accent Lighting.

TouchStone Accent Lighting is a supplier of quality lighting products for outside, landscaping use. They are experts in the design and implementation of designs as well. Their hands-on experience includes twenty years of discovering and perfecting techniques with nearly 5,000 installations. They are one of the top suppliers of outdoor lighting in Phoenix.

Their assistance is available for design and installation instructions through in-home consultation services in 15 states, and they offer free e-consultations to every customer. Their product line includes a variety of landscaping and home lighting options. They also carry accessories, replacement bulbs and lighting packages. The lighting packages include flag pole lighting kits, deck packages and solar packages.

Many of the company’s products take advantage of the newest technologies available. These products include low voltage lighting, solar lights and LED’s. All of these items make it possible for the average homeowner to create incredible lighting displays while still remaining energy conscious.

They offer free training to contractors who need to learn how to make the most from the products available today. They begin with classes explaining what their products are and their possibilities. Then, they teach about the basics of design and how to turn those designs into reality. All of these classes are led by their own trained “Illuminologists”. After the classes are completed, they will help prepare designs and proposals.

Make your yard as eye-catching as it can be whether it is day or night. Contact the experts at TouchStone Accent Lighting and find out why they are known by everyone involved in the business of outdoor lighting in Phoenix.

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