Air Conditioning in Dallas TX Is a Must

by | Oct 9, 2012 | Heating and Air Conditioning

When the temperatures are in the mid to high 90s, air conditioning in Dallas is an absolute must. With an annual average high temperature of over 75A�, truth be known, air conditioning in Dallas can almost be considered a year round necessity.

Prior to air conditioning fans was the only way to cool the air, in the second century the Chinese has invented a fan with a series of blades that were all hand powered. As early as the mid 1700s, Ben Franklin was toying around with the principles of evaporation as a way to cool the body. They found that certain substances, alcohol for one, cooled objects to the point of freezing. They attempted to hasten the process with the use of a bellows and they eventually managed to get below the freezing point of water when the ambient temperature was as warm as it gets in Dallas. Although these experiments did not get very far, it was the first step in developing air conditioning in Dallas.

A century after Ben Franklin accomplished his freezing feat; a British scientist found that air would cool in the presence of evaporating ammonia. Soon thereafter ammonia was used to make ice for a hospital in Florida. Development continued until, in 1902 Willis Carrier finally invented the first practical air conditioner. Eventually Carrier Air Conditioning Company was formed and air conditioning has since become an integral part of our life, in our homes, places of employment and our vehicles.

The continued development of air conditioning in Dallas brought the possibility of having air conditioning in every home. As the volume of air conditioners went up, the prices came down. All was well and good until the costs of energy went higher and higher and the issue of air quality became more important. The manufacturers of air conditioning equipment have continued to develop more and more efficient machines which now perform the function better and consume considerably less energy.

To take full advantage of air conditioning Dallas equipment that performs better and costs less, maintenance is a necessity. As the air in your home, office or car changes many times a day contaminates in the air must travel through the system. If the system is not well sealed the efficiency will drop dramatically and if the filtration is not clean and well positioned there will be extra load on the motor and compressor which increases energy consumption and shortens the life expectancy of the equipment.

Air conditioning Dallas does more than cool the environment in which it is installed; it provides total comfort by drying the air as well as cooling. Total comfort is a combination of factors, cool and dry go together as do heat and humidity, both combinations maintain maximum comfort for the occupants.

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