Jul , 2013

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Advantages of Foam Roofing Insulation for Commercial Preferred Roofing

There are so many types of roofing, roofing coatings and roofing insulation available that it staggers the imagination. Owners of large buildings may, quite frankly, become overwhelmed by the whole topic and pick the first insulation material they come across instead of making an informed, cost-conscious decision. Here are some advantages of Polyurethane Foam Roofing Insulation from Commercial Preferred Roofing.

Light Weight

Your roof bears a heavy load. Flat roofs tend to be less weight-bearing than pitched roofs, but flat roofs too offer many advantages for businesses in order to switch over to a pitched roof. If you live in an area with tremendous rain storms or blizzards, you are aware of how heavy these forms of water are. It’s good to use insulation that is as light as possible. Polyurethane foam insulation only weights about 2 to 3 pounds per cubic foot. It does not sag or cause uneven weight distribution after it dries.

No Chance of Standing Water

Small leaks can form small pools of standing water sometimes called “ponding water.” Your roof can have several small standing pools of water before any leaks start. In the meantime, the water is slowly weakening your roof. Foam insulation eliminates the chance of ponding water to form. Foam can also fit in very narrow and hard to reach places like flashings in order to prevent leaks. It is a seamless form of insulation. Seams can be a major source for water leaks in other types of insulation materials.

Easy to Apply

Spray foam insulation is one of the easiest types of roof insulation to apply. This cuts down on labor costs and time workmen are scrambling about your roof. Although spray foam is relatively easy to apply, it is not a job for amateur do-it-yourselfers. Make sure you hire a professional polyurethane foam contractor to apply it. Repairs can be done with a regular caulking gun.

Lasts for a Long Time

Polyurethane spray foam insulation is quite durable. It does not need to be completely replaced. A new surface coating is enough to make the older material work efficiently.

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