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Care and Maintenance of Chemical Resistant Lab Countertops

Care and Maintenance of Chemical Resistant Lab Countertops

Marring includes residue matter that is left on the surface of a Chemical Resistant Lab Countertop which appears as a line. Ita��ll remain smooth to the touch.A� Marring may almost always be taken off using acetone or using a mild cleaning product and vigorous scrubbing.

The marred space must be cleaned using a soft cloth, as well as the weakest solution (water and soap) as a non-abrasive cleaning solution. If marring continues, you should progress to a white-colored Light Duty Scotch Brite Pad that is moistened using stronger agents.A� Never utilize a dry Scotch Brite pad or additional more abrasive pads.

Scratches on Countertops

Sharp or heavy items, abrasives, or harder metals may dig into the surface and result in a scratch. Usually, scratches appear as a lighter shade of gray or white on such countertops and the color will vary on additional colored Chemical Resistant Lab Countertop.A� Scratches are identified on a surface as rough to the touch along with a small depression.A� Scratches are permanent yet wona��t affect the performance of the work surface.

One aesthetic remedy for scratches includes coloring in the light scratch using a colored permanent marker.A� The option never will perfectly match the gloss and color of the surrounding surface.A� Adding a mineral oil coating to the surface is going to mask the scratch for a while and is going to require occasional maintenance.

Stained Surfaces

Staining may be caused by chemicals that are left to dry upon the surface.A� Usually, chemical stains bleach or lighten a surface yet also can roughen and produce blistering or even crack the upper surface.A� As with scratches, chemical stains will be permanent and, if theya��ve led to too much damage, work surfaces might have to be replaced.A� Maintenance and care are solutions to slowing down or preventing the process of replacement.

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