Would Seamless Flooring be the Best Choice for Your Business?

by | Nov 11, 2013 | Flooring

Commercial kitchens and laboratories must adhere to strict guidelines on flooring. The flooring must be anti-microbial. Grout lines in tile can attract and hold dirt and bacteria. The floor must be resistant to spills. Kitchen or laboratory spills, such as wine, hot liquids or chemicals, would damage many floors. The ideal floor would be extremely resistant to any spills, especially chemicals. It must be slip-resistant, because a fall in either a kitchen or laboratory could be very serious. The danger presented by the fall itself could be worsened by gas stove flames, glass tubing and vessels or boiling liquids. Commercial kitchens have refrigeration and freezer rooms, so the floor needs to be able to handle extreme temperatures. The ideal floor must also be very easy to clean and extremely durable.

Warehouses, garages, retail spaces and showrooms also need specialty flooring. The floors must be able to cope with very heavy weights, such as vehicles or warehouse shelving stacked with heavy items. Forklifts will be going back and forth on the floor. The floor should also be dust-proof. In addition to the above, retail stores and showrooms demand a floor that is attractive and showcases their goods. These floors also need to be resistant to whatever might be spilled on them, such as oil or grease. Of course, these floors must also be easy to clean with commercial cleaners.

Sports teams, corporations or various organizations sometimes desire to have a floor that perfectly incorporates their logo or other design. They want the decoration integrated into the floor so that it cannot wash or wear off. A floor in a locker room, bathroom or basement must be sanitary and not damaged by standing water. Homeowners might like an easy care floor that resembles marble or terrazzo. In fact, it is possible to incorporate any colored photo into custom flooring.

Hoffman Floor Covering Corporation has been providing quality, fully warranties flooring for three generations to Long Island, New York and the tri-state area. They are expert in the installation of poured floors of all types: epoxies, urethanes, acrylics, flexible systems and self levelers. Seamless flooring is anti-microbial, resistant to chemicals and spills, slip-resistant, non-porous and easy to care. It can be customized to be the perfect floor for any business. Visit us at Hoffman Floor Covering to know more.

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