Oct , 2016

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Why You Should Replace Your Roof Before Selling Your Home

Why You Should Replace Your Roof Before Selling Your Home

You are about to put your home on the market for sale. Maybe you are being relocated for your job or just need a bigger home. Whatever the reason is that you are selling your home, one thing you may want to consider is having the roof replaced on the dwelling. Often, people looking for a home to purchase will want one they will not have to worry about making improvements to within a short period of time after moving in. A new roof can attract potential buyers to your residence. A company that offers residential roofing in Palm Coast area can provide you with the information that you need to make a sound decision in replacing your rooftop.

Questions to Ask Yourself before having a New Roof Installed

  1. How old is the existing roof on your home? If it is 20 or more years old, you probably would want to consider having a new roof installed.
  2. How much will a new roof cost to install?
  3. A new rooftop can increase the value of your home. Will the cost of new roof exceed the amount of increased value or will you benefit by being able to sell your home for more?
  4. Will the company that does the installation provide you with a warranty that can be transferred to the new owner?
  5. How much of a negative impact will selling your home as-is have on the purchase price?
  6. Will you be able to get your insurance company to cover any of the cost of the new roof?

Contact a Trusted Company to Get Answers to Your Questions

R&K Roofing can provide the services that you require in determining if you should have your roof replaced. Their skilled staff can perform an inspection to provide the information you need to decide if the sale of your home could benefit from a new roof. From making minor repairs to full replacement, their workers can help you get your house in immaculate condition before putting it on the market.

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