Mar , 2013

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Why You Should Get Vinyl Windows and Siding from Tri-State Window and Door Factory

Vinyl is a material that boasts incredible strength from the minute it is first produced, all the way to the end of its life and this makes it a good option when getting siding and windows from Tri-State Window and Door Factory. This company has more than 35 years of experience and because they offer free estimates, you can make an informed decision without spending too much money. As one of the most versatile types of plastic in the world, vinyl is a popular option for building and construction. Its durability makes it stand out from other plastics and when the Tri-State Window and Door Factory fit it for you, you can get financial assistance, too.

Durable and Low-Maintenance

Vinyl is used for a number of building applications because it is very durable. Made with PVC plastic, vinyl can be used not only for windows and siding but also, for flooring, fences, roofs, cover bases, pipes, fittings and much more. There is a low chance of corrosion or leaks occurring when you select vinyl windows and siding from Tri-State Window and Door Factory and it will not need maintaining as often as wood and other materials. North American consumers save more than $20 billion every year thanks to the strength of vinyl and this material is also proven to be energy efficient.


You never know when a fire may break out, which is why you should contact Tri-State Window and Door Factory for vinyl windows and siding. Because all vinyl products are created with polymer, they are non-combustible and flames will spread very slowly, if at all. If you put a flame next to a piece of vinyl you will notice that the material takes a very long time to ignite. This means that should fire come into contact with the windows and siding, it will be unlikely to catch and spread to other parts of the home.

Warranty Options

Not every company that sells siding and windows will offer warranty, but Tri-State Window and Door Factory do. Although you are not likely to encounter problems with the vinyl, this warranty will protect your finances in the event of unexpected repairs. As soon as you notice something is wrong with the vinyl all you have to do is pick up the phone, get in touch with the company and wait for a member of staff to visit your property and complete the appropriate repairs. Because all of the costs will be covered, the investment is worth it.

A lifetime plus warranty is available from the Tri-State Window and Door Factory, as well as glass breakage warranty, 15-year roofing warranties and a 40 percent fuel savings warranty. With so many products and services on offer, there is no better company to work with for your home improvement needs. To read customer testimonials and to view before and after photos of window and siding, visit the website.


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