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Why Does a Mold Inspection in Pittsburgh, PA Matter?

While the homeowner has not had to deal with a broken water pipe or some similar issue with the plumbing, it does pay to call a professional and schedule a full mold inspection in Pittsburgh PA, every couple of years. Doing so will go a long way toward protecting the home and those who live in it. Here are some of the benefits that come from having a professional check the home for any type of mold activity.

Weakening Floor and Ceiling Joists

There does not have to be a flood in the home for mold to develop. All it takes is a buildup of moisture in some kind of enclosed space. Mold can grow under sinks, around eaves, and in the basement. Think of what would happen if the mold were to form in the attic and begin to spread across all the roof joists. At best, the weakened supports would allow the roof to sag and pave the way for some serious leaking.

The same is true with ceiling and floor joists. If those support mechanisms are weakened, it is just a matter of time before the floor is no longer supported evenly. Some areas will begin to sag, or the flooring will buckle. In any event, the homeowner will have to spend a considerable amount of money in order to repair the damage. When comparing those figures to the cost of a Mold Inspection in Pittsburgh PA, every year or so, it will be easy to see which one is the more affordable.

Health Issues and the Family

Mold does not just weaken the framework of the home. It also has the potential to trigger a number of health issues for family members. Consider what happens when the mold is found in the duct system connected to the heating and cooling unit. As air is forced through the ducts, tiny particles of the mold will be carried into each room. Once there, it is easy for family members to breathe in the mold. That can lead to all sorts of respiratory issues. Rather than running the risk, it makes sense to have the home checked and eliminate any mold problems at once.

To schedule a mold inspection, contact us today. The inspection will not take long, and any problems that are found can be resolved quickly.

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