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Why Choose Natural Wallcoverings?

Using natural wallcoverings is not a modern invention. Covering the walls with natural products actually dates back many centuries, although the technology of today makes a more lasting product. Wolf Gordon offers a selection of modern products that are designed to please. If you are looking for products that are unique in style, easy on the environment and bring a bit of the exotic to your home or office, you will love this type of covering.

Utilize Centuries-Old Technology

Beautifully hand-painted papyrus used to decorate the walls of ancient Egyptian homes and palaces. It is the first-known use of natural wallcoverings. It created an undeniable work of art out of any room. Modern materials are designed to last for years and Wolf Gordon offers products with an individual look and feel that cannot be compared to any man-made materials.

Benefits to the Environment

Natural wallcoverings are made of materials that are easy to harvest and grow faster than traditional trees. There are some made with cork and others with grasses that grow at a rate that makes harvesting a sensible option. It can also be made with recycled woods so that the impact to the environment is very small. Using products that are naturally grown, rather than man-made, also saves on natural resources that are used for creating energy to manufacture items.

Exotic Flair

Looking for products that are different and more exotic is not as hard as you might imagine. Wolf Gordon offers natural wallcoverings that come from exotic locations and are made with premium naturally grown materials and will give your rooms a dA�cor that cannot be matched. Your home or office will be the talk of all your friends, family and clients.

Provides Original Texture

No matter what type of natural product you choose, it will have a very unique look and feel. The varieties of grasses, hemp or even cork all have a specific feel and look to them. No two rooms ever look exactly the same. Once you find a texture you love you can change up the colors and each room will have a different feel and visual presentation. It gives you a whole different type of arsenal to use in decorative choice.

The ability to bring out natural beauty in your home and office is made easier with the use of natural wallcoverings. You can feel good about your choices knowing that you are helping ease the impact on the environment and bringing beauty to your rooms that may be from half the world away. It can prove to be the guaranteed way to add an exotic decorative artistry to your space. Wolf Gordon will help you choose the perfect natural product that enhances any of your living or work spaces.

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