Why a Landscape Designer in Montville, NJ Should Care for Your Property

by | Oct 25, 2013 | Landscaping

With a lot of hard work and time, you could probably turn the yard around your home into a showplace. Another option is to trust the job to a professional Landscape Designer in Montville, NJ. Landscape professionals, such as Bednar Landscape Services, do far more than just design attractive properties. They offer a range of homeowner services that include:

  • HARDSCAPING: You can expand your home’s living space when you add a beautiful, functional patio and outdoor eating area. A Landscape Designer in Montville, NJ can design and install fire pits, grills, and entire outdoor kitchens. They will also provide a wide array of hardscaping that includes sidewalks, walls, pavers, walkways, and stepping stones for ponds.
  • LANDSCAPE DESIGN: When professionals design and create your yard, they consider your taste, your home’s style, and what type of plants thrive in your area. They create an artistic design composed of textures, colors, and shapes. Experts provide trees, shrubs, bushes, and flowers that enhance one another’s looks, and thrive in their environment. Professionals also correctly prepare a foundation, by grading the earth, and then creating watering systems. They will group plants according to their moisture needs, and can design gardens that renew themselves each year.
  • LIGHTING: Landscape professionals can design outdoor lighting concepts that highlight beautiful plantings, enhance the beauty of your pool, or add illuminination for outdoor activities. They can provide drama and security, with lighted walkways.
  • MAINTENANCE: Even the most carefully designed landscaping needs regular maintenance, to remain healthy and beautiful. Experts provide services that include mulching, seasonal preparation, and tree and shrub care. They will remove dead branches and debris, and prune plants. They also treat lawns, trees, and gardens for insect control. Lawn care includes fertilizing and feeding grass, as well as crab grass removal, and manicuring.
  • SPRING PLANTINGS: Experts will design spring flowers that create spectacular curb appeal each season. Using petunias, impatiens, and snapdragons, they can add color and life to your property, as well as disguise foundations or air conditioners.

Landscape professionals can turn your property into a showplace using expert design, hardscaping, lighting, maintenance, and planting techniques. They have the training and equipment to keep your lawn, flowers, plants, trees, and bushes beautiful and healthy year round.

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