When to Hire a Plumbing Service in Charlottesville Virginia for Blocked Drains

by | May 13, 2013 | Air Conditioning

The most common plumbing service call for a Plumbing Service Charlottesville Virginia area is to unclog drains. The sad thing is that most of these calls can be avoided if people were more conscious of what they put into their drain systems. The use of waste digesting enzyme products is one way to keep a drainage system free of obstructions. People can also follow some other steps to keep the pipes clear.

Kitchen sinks are one of the most used drains in a home. The greatest enemy for pipes comes in the form of grease and other fats. As water carries mixed grease through pipes, the fat adheres to the walls of the pipe. Over time, a greasy film develops. The real problem is compounded when other food particles, such as coffee grounds and other little food bits, stick to this layer and accumulate. Eventually, the pipe becomes blocked, and the drain backs up.

To prevent this situation, it is a good idea to drain any grease, whether it from a fryer or bacon, into a container. Large tin cans or coffee cans make a good choice. When full, the can be disposed of, or the grease can be added to a compost pile. If a sink is equipped with a garbage disposal, it is recommended that some cold water is allowed to run, which ensures the particles are carried into the main drainage line.

Sometimes a small or partial blockage can be cleared through the use of a plunger. Proper use is important to achieve the desired result. The cup should be placed over the drain, then a hard plunge up and down applied. Double sinks are tricky; make sure the other drain is sealed, or no suction will occur. Water will splash out on the other end instead. Drains can sometimes be cleaned at the trap below the sink at the J-band. By removing it, the clogging material can be accessed and removed.

Although this is an example of an easy do-it-yourself plumbing repair, there will be times when you need to hire Plumbing Service Charlottesville Virginia area. Major drainage clogs need specialized equipment to find and clear. Be sure to look for an experienced and licensed plumbing contractor.


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