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Wet Vacuuming in Schenectady can Repair Water Damaged Homes

After a pipe bursts or a severe storm comes through, a homeowner may find themselves dealing with standing water in the home. It can be a cause for concern, and many people don’t know what to do next. In this article, homeowners can learn the dangers posed by standing water in the home.

Property Damage Caused by Water Intrusion

The most apparent side effect of water intrusion is property damage. Because it’s a gradual issue, the longer a homeowner waits to get the water removed, the more significant the damage will be to wall, carpets, furniture and the like. To minimize the damage done to the home, and to decrease cleanup expenses, a homeowner should call for Wet Vacuuming in Schenectady immediately after a storm, flood or pipe leak.

Electrocution Risk Posed by Standing Water

Water and electricity don’t mix, and the risks can be severe. If there is standing water in close proximity to electrical components within the home, the homeowner should avoid the area and call the utility company, an electrician and a water damage restoration company to ask for help.

Stagnant Water Poses Serious Health Risks

Stagnant water can harbor bacteria, especially if the water came from a flood or from a sewer pipe. Such water is often referred to as ‘black water’ because it’s been in contact with pathogens and bacteria. To minimize the risk to family members and pets, homeowners should call a water damage company right away.

Water can Cause Mold Growth

Mold only needs a temperate climate, plenty of food and moisture to grow unchecked, and standing water provides the perfect conditions for the growth of mold. It isn’t just a nuisance; it’s a serious health risk. Exposure can make allergy and asthma symptoms worse, and in rare cases it can cause memory loss and pulmonary bleeding.

When a homeowner needs to clear a home of standing water, they should choose an IICRC-certified company for Wet Vacuuming in Schenectady. Licensed technicians with website can pinpoint moisture sources, evaluate the rate of mold growth, remove contaminated goods and dry the structure of the home to prevent further water intrusion and damage.

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