Vinyl Windows in Tinley Park are Beautiful and Energy-Efficient

by | Nov 11, 2014 | Doors And Windows

Homeowners may not be aware of the changes in window materials, because it’s been so long since they installed them. At one time, wood was the only material used. While wood frame windows are still available, they are mostly used on historic and older homes. Contractors now use Vinyl Windows in Tinley Park for all new construction. Vinyl is stronger and requires almost no maintenance. It is also more energy efficient than wood.

When a person walks by their window and feels cold air in in the winter, that’s a signal that it’s time to replace their window. There are two reasons why windows become drafty. The seal between the window frame and house frame weakens and the panes of glass don’t have sufficient insulation. Wood easily absorbs moisture. During the winter the moisture expands as it freezes. Then during the summer it heats up and contracts. This constant expansion and contraction changes the size of the frame. It no longer fits snugly into the house frame. Vinyl does not absorb moisture so that it remains the same size throughout the year. Therefore the seal stays stronger.

Vinyl is also much stronger than wood so the window frame can be smaller. This allows the person to see more of the outside. Vinyl Windows in Tinley Park are available in all of the popular styles. Homeowners can choose double hung windows, garden windows or bay windows. Because the color is incorporated into all the layers of the vinyl, there is never any need to repaint the window. Vinyl window frames come in a variety of colors. Homeowners will never have trouble finding a color to match their existing siding or trim.

Vinyl window frames can just be wiped off with a damp cloth and gentle cleaner. Homeowners enjoy that they no longer have to get up on a ladder to clean the outside of their windows. Newer windows are designed to tilt in or swing in. This allows homeowners to stand inside their home and reach all areas of the window. Homeowners can Contact Evergreen Door & Window to learn more about vinyl windows.


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