Use an Anti Fatique Floor Mat to Make Employees More Comfortable

by | May 11, 2013 | Flooring

Many American workers spend 8 hours a day on their feet. From grocery store cashiers to factory workers, these people stand in one place for hours at a time. The result can be tired feet and legs and chronic back pain. Businesses hoping to boost worker morale and reduce medical costs have turned to Anti Fatigue Floor Mats. These innovative floor coverings are designed to provide immediate comfort by giving the worker a padded space to stand on. Second they are designed to create small muscle contractions that the worker isn’t even aware of. These contractions improve the circulation in the feet, legs and lower back. With more blood and oxygen flowing through them, muscles experience less fatigue.

There are many types of Anti Fatigue Floor Mat available. The different designs and fabrication are based on the work area they will be used in. In addition to having to wear heavy protective gear in hot environments, welders stand in one place all day long. There is a floor mat designed with a welding shop atmosphere in mind. It can withstand high temperatures and stands up to sparks and hot metal shards. In fact it won’t melt until it reaches a temperature of 285 Degrees Fahrenheit.

Restaurant dishwashers have their own workplace dangers to cope with. They stand for hours on wet and often greasy floors. Some chef is always yelling for a clean pot. On a busy night the service floor will produce an amazing number of dirty dishes. This commercial area needs an Anti Fatigue Floor Mat that will handle spills and drainage. There is a rubber honeycomb design that lets the water seep between the cells. It’s anti-slip design helps keep the dishwasher from slipping. There is also a long-lasting anti-microbial coating that won’t let bacteria and fungi build up in it and underneath it.

There is also an Anti Fatigue Floor Mat that looks like any other non-skid floor mat, except that it has the cushioning on the underside. This is perfect for a bank teller or convenience store cashier. It cleans easily and is very lightweight. A vacuum cleaner will glide over it easily and move on to the polished floor. Employees will appreciate anything the business can do to make them feel better on the job.

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