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Todaysa�� industrial marketplace is replete with a variety of specialized fasteners. While buttons and clasps continue to have a market, there has been a growth in what are called specialized fasteners. These are fasteners that are made to address the demand made by or for a certain industry. Among the many types of specialized fasteners currently available are those called threaded inserts.

What Are Threaded Inserts?

Threaded inserts are also referred to as threaded bushings. They are fasteners that are, as the name indicates, inserted into an object. This is done to create a threaded hole. Thus the name a�?threaded inserts,a�? indicates both the characteristics and the purpose.

The Purpose of Threaded Inserts

As noted above, threaded inserts are used to establish a threaded hole in an object. Overall, a threaded insert may be used to:

* Mend a stripped threaded hole
* Supply soft material with a sturdy threaded hole
* Position a thread on material that is too thin to usually accept a hole
* Eliminate a machining task for a specific piece of work by casting or molding threads into it
* Spread tension over a larger area
* Spread tension
* Spread torque loads (particularly in honeycomb sandwich structured composite materials)
* Make the changeover from metric to unified threads or the converse easier and simpler

Threaded inserts can be used to replace a stripped plug or make a new join. They are placed in the material in order to create a place in which to put other fasteners such as screws and bolts. During this process, a variety of threaded inserts may be employed. What is used will depend upon the purpose and the materials involved.

What Are the Various Types of Threaded Inserts?

The application will define what type of the various available threaded inserts will be employed. If, for example, the base material is plastic, the manufacturer will use threaded inserts that are appropriate for plastics. The technique will also be material appropriate.

* Key-Locking Inserts: These are generally employed when the existing thread has already been stripped.
* Hexdrive Inserts: These threaded inserts are employed if the material is wood.
* Knife-Thread Inserts: This type, like Hexdrive inserts, is employed in wood.
* Molded Inserts: These are placed in the mold cavity prior to the plastic part is fashioned.
* Press Inserts: Like molded inserts, press inserts are used in plastic. Unlike them, however, press inserts are frequently applied following the molding of the part.
* Screw Thread Insert Types: These are usually categorized as tanged or tangless, and free-running or screw-locking.
* Self-tapping threaded inserts: As the name implies, this type of threaded inserts cuts its own way into the material of the component.

As is the case with most types of specialty fasteners, threaded inserts may be designed to meet the specifications and requirements of a particular industrial application.

Threaded Inserts: Necessary Fasteners

Threaded inserts are not only fasteners, they are used to help other fasteners e.g. nuts and bolts, do their job. Once inserted, a threaded insert makes sure that it will stay in position firmly. It also ensures that the fastener placed inside it will remain in place not budging until human hands remove it or the durable threads of the threaded inserts become stripped over the passage of a long, long time.

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