Types of Entry Doors Found in Manassas, VA

by | Jul 16, 2012 | Home Improvement

Entry doors are the doors that allow you to enter your house from outside. The main entry door is the big door at the front of your house. But there can be any number of other entry doors from the sides and back depending upon how many you want for convenient. Most homes have two: the front door and the back door. Entry doors are important parts of your house and they should be sturdy, functional and aesthetically appealing. There are many home improvement companies that supply quality entry doors in Manassas VA.

A well-designed entry door adds to the beauty of the house, and enhances the overall ambience of the house by allowing sunlight and fresh air. The front entry door is usually large and elaborately designed with aesthetics in mind. It should also be strong enough to keep out thieves, burglars and animals.

Entry doors are usually made of wood, steel, fiberglass, aluminum and vinyl. While wood is the traditional choice, the use of fiberglass, steel, aluminum and vinyl is also on the rise because of cost, convenience, strength and durability.

*A�A�A�A� Wooden doors are the traditional choice for doors and windows. They give an air of comfort and elegance to the house. Wood can be elaborately designed and stained, varnished or painted to enhance its beauty. But wood can shrink in cold weather and expand in warm weather which can be problematic at times.

*A�A�A�A� Fiberglass doors are strong and durable, and come in many different designs and colors. They can also be painted to match the exterior of your house. Fiberglass doors are cheaper than wooden doors but not as elegant.

*A�A�A�A� Steel doors are tough, usually have an energy efficient insulation, and are not affected by the weather. Steel is stronger than wood and fiberglass and should be your first choice if security is your topmost concern. Steel door are less expensive than wooden doors, but are not as visually appealing as the other types of doors.

*A�A�A�A� Aluminum doors are also growing in popularity because they are light, strong and not susceptible to corrosion. But they are expensive and also susceptible to damage on impact and not so desirable from a security point of view.

*A�A�A�A� Vinyl doors are the cheapest types of doors, and are resistant to water and provide excellent insulation against heat and noise. But all of this comes at the expense of beauty and style. Vinyl doors are the least aesthetically pleasing doors of all.

Of the different materials used for entry doors, steel is the strongest, wood is the most elegant and vinyl is the cheapest. The type of material you select should be based on your priority. If it is elegance and a sense of continuity that you want, then wood should definitely be your choice. Whatever type you may choose, finding quality entry doors in Manassas VA shouldn’t be difficult as there are many good home improvement companies in that area.

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