May , 2020

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Tips to Hiring a General Contractor for Your Commercial Construction Project

In the construction field, not all general contractors are equal. Some general contractors specialize in residential construction and others specialize in commercial or government projects. When the time comes to hire a general contractor for your commercial construction project here are a few tips to help select a qualified company to bring your project to completion.

Contractor Licensing

Different states have different licensing requirements. Regardless of which state you live in you want to ensure the general contractor you are hiring holds the proper licenses and insurance to build or oversee your project. A general contractor who is licensed and insured to build a five story building may not have the right credentials to build a skyscraper.

LEED Accreditation

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. It is a certification through the US Green Building Council. To be LEED certified one must have passed an exam on green building practices and the LEED rating system. Many cities today have laws regarding the implementation of LEED standards into projects. When hiring a commercial construction contractor in Apopka, FL, you all want to ensure the general contractor is aware of the regional building codes and is experienced in LEED practices.

Safety and OSHA Training

Perhaps one of the most important but often overlooked questions one should ask of a general contractor is: what is their commitment to safety and do they provide OSHA Training to their staff? The consequences of a general contractor that doesn’t make safety a top concern is unplanned interruptions, bad publicity and higher costs in your project.

When it comes to hiring a Apopka, FL general contractor for your commercial construction project, consider D & G General Contracting Company. They are licensed and insured, LEED Certified, and safety is their number one priority. To learn more visit their website or contact Greg Collier, CEO, at .

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