The Reasons an Air Conditioning Contractor is Needed for Commercial Buildings in Glenview

by | May 16, 2013 | Air Conditioning

Commercial buildings in Glenview are a challenge when it comes to keeping them cool. Unlike a home, the commercial building has some very unique features that make them a bit more difficult. Thus, it requires a lot of planning in order to maintain a cool environment in the hot summer.

One of the biggest things an air conditioning contractor Glenview has to consider is the amount of space in a commercial building. Because they are so much larger than a home, the standard air conditioning will not work for a commercial building. It simply won’t be able to keep up with the demand. Thus, more than one unit is required. The space will determine the number of units needed.

Another challenging factor that an air conditioning contractor Glenview looks at is the overall layout. Some commercial buildings have very big rooms to cool while others are tightly divided into offices. Usually, this requires the planning and use of zones for each air conditioning unit. A big room maybe zoned for one or two units depending on the size it is. This is in contrast to office spaces which may share the same unit.

Perhaps, one of the hardest things for an professional air conditioning contractor Glenview to measure is the flow of people through the space. People naturally add heat to their environment. A lot of people add a lot of heat. Accounting for this factor in a cool environment is really a challenge.

While keeping cool in the summer is a priority for commercial buildings, these challenges also apply to heating Glenview. The size and layout are just as important to consider. While the flow of people does add to the heat, the continual opening of doors by those same people can speed up the heat loss. It is a balancing act that the contractor has to consider when determining how the building is heated in the winter.

There are many challenges for contractors with both heating and cooling. While they do take the same things into consideration, the difficultly truly lies in keeping everyone happy. But that can be quite the impossible task.

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