The Importance of Painters in Tacoma to Home Value

by | Apr 24, 2013 | Remodeling

Regular painting of a residential or commercial property offers many benefits. The value of a property may correlates directly with its appearance. A home maintains its value when homeowners ensure regularly maintenance, including painting. In fact, recently painted residential property generally experiences more success on the real estate market. Commercial property owners increase the value of the building, as well as the satisfaction of the business’s customers, when they maintain and beautify the property. While painting a property increases its attractiveness, painting also protects the structural components of a building from weather exposure. Over time, the natural elements of heat and humidity will cause wood to deteriorate and metal to rust. Regular painting prevents this deterioration. In order to maintain the value and condition of the property, home and business owners must ensure that their properties receive regular painting.

Professional painters may specialize in either commercial or residential painting, or they may have experience with both types of painting. Commercial Painting Contractors Tacoma differ from residential painters largely in their ability to complete larger jobs. When painting a commercial property, more employees, more equipment, and current technology are necessities. A commercial contractor must also be able to coordinate with other contractors who may need to complete work before, during, or after painting. Commercial contractors will also tend to operate during nights, weekends, or without stopping in order to complete the project according to the client’s schedule. Residential Painting Contractors Tacoma, however, will generally concentrate on basic preparation, primer coats of paint, color coats of paint, touch up, and clean up. Painters who paint residences only will have fewer employees and a less flexible schedule. When a contractor performs both commercial and residential painting, a large crew, plenty of equipment, and schedule accommodation will be available.

A residential painter, a commercial painter, or a painter who performs both types of projects must meet certain requirements. A prospective client should verify that the painter has a permanent business, carries insurance, has experience, and can provide references. Painters Tacoma must provide a secure estimate before providing a complete contract for both parties, the property owner and the painter, to sign. Legitimate painting contractors will provide verification for any valid question that a property owner has.

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