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by | Mar 18, 2013 | Flooring

No matter what look you are trying to achieve with your room, there is a type of floor you can put in to it that matches your vision. When you need one or more new floors in Dayton, you can choose from carpeting, tile and many types of hardwood. Dona��t know what kind of flooring you want? Leta��s investigate the different options of some of the more popular types.

Softer with Carpet

Carpet is usually the most popular choice for rooms such as bedrooms because it is warmer to step on. Especially in regions where there is a cold winter, stepping on soft carpet first thing out of the bed is a welcome greeting. Floors in Dayton do get cold in the winter, so carpet would be an excellent choice when you like warm toes first thing in the morning. Carpet can come in just about every color one can think of, as well as patterns, different pile heights and even fabrics.

Look Sharp with Tile

Tile flooring is popularly used in kitchens and bathrooms because it is easy to clean. Tiles are usually square, but they can be laid out in different patterns with alternating colors or styled tile pieces. Depending on the kind of tile chosen, it could come in a range of colors and finishes. Some tiles are made of marble, some with granite, and some are ceramic. The grout used between the tiles can come in colors, but is usually white or gray. Floors in Dayton that are tile can be cool in the winter time, so placing an area rug over large spaces might be a good idea.

Sleek with Hardwoods

Hardwood floors are very versatile and can be used in every room of a house. The sweep up well, making them an option for kitchens and bathrooms. They can also be used in conjunction with an area rug, making them work very well in any bedroom or living room. Even though it may seem like wood doesna��t present many options, it does. Wood can come in thin or thick slats, it can be dark or light in color and it could even come with different finishes. Some finishes are shiny, especially if there is a polyurethane finish on top. Other woods like bamboo or mahogany can be laid with a matte finish so they are not shiny.

No matter what style of floor you want to put in your room, try out a sample before you make a large purchase. Bring a piece of the floor or rug and lay it down in a corner of the prospective room. Then you can see how it looks near the paint color and in with the rest of your furniture and room pieces.


Whether you are building a new home and needs lots of floors in Dayton or just changing one room, shop around. The Carpet Store has many varieties of carpets, hardwoods and tile to choose from to make your room look great.

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