Sustainable Cabinets in San Antonio

by | Dec 8, 2014 | Remodeling

Of the many options for cabinets in San Antonio, there are numerous environmentally friendly wood cabinets that are made without toxic chemicals. If you havenat considered becoming eco-friendly you should know that many home buyers are choosing eco-friendly options to raise their home value. They also want to ensure good air quality in their homes and be a part of the culture of living sustainably. Many local companies are certified for the a?Environmental Stewardship Programa by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufactureras Association. This certification means that the companyas practices have been evaluated and that it uses eco-friendly materials and production processes. You do not have to sacrifice quality or selection options to get sustainable cabinets. They still have many finishes and designs to choose from for your desired aesthetic.

Sustainable Building Can Increase Home Value

Luckily, environmentally friendly cabinets last longer than store bought veneer cabinets that are stapled and glued together. They offer real quality craftsmanship that increases the shelf-life (pun intended) as well and are much more appealing than cheaper versions trying made to look like real wood. You cannot fake a good quality cabinet and home buyers look for these sorts of things. They know they might have to invest their hard-earned money not too far down the road if the cabinets start to fall apart because of their cheap and low-quality design and materials.

What Qualifies As An Eco Friendly Cabinet?

Believe it or not, the Kitchen Cabinet Manufactureras Association has five standards a cabinet company must comply with in order to receive the Environmental Stewardship Program certification. They must show they have proper recycling, community involvement, protection of air quality, and both product and process management that comply with strict environmental standards. You can ask companies about sustainably sourced cabinet options, how they recycle, how they recover resources and utilize energy efficiency standards. Another important question is to ask if they use formaldehyde-free techniques. You want to be sure the cabinets are not made with adhesives and lacquers containing VOCas (volatile organic compounds). Just as you wouldnat buy mold to put in your house, why buy something that will emit chemicals known to cause health problems? Another qualifier for environmentally friendly cabinets is that they are made locally which will reduce transportation emissions. It will also ensure you can communicate with the cabinet maker to specify what you want without the risk of damages in shipping or lost parts.

When purchasing your cabinets in San Antonio, why not choose one that will help your home value and give you peace of mind knowing youare a part of the solution not the problem. Choose the most sustainable cabinets that San Antonio has to offer and be proud of your kitchen.

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