Storybook Home – Storybook Roofing in the Modern World

by | Oct 3, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

The storybook design in home building has become a popular design for those building a new construction or remodeling their homes. A lot of the storybook look comes from the roof design which equates to the frosting on a great cake. Half-round, cedar roofing steamed, molded, and designed to look like real thatched roofing is used to build these enchanting, whimsical, and picturesque houses.

This storybook home look allows people to live in a fairy tale home. It’s the storybook world meets the real world. The biggest reason for the rise in these home designs is likely due to all the fairy tale television shows and movies that have been released in the past few years. That enchanted house design is very appealing.

This look encompasses a cottage style house with the thatched-look cedar roof. The lines of the roof are rounded around the windows and are wavy all over to give that thatched appearance. These roofs aren’t just decorative, they are solid and sturdy. Storybook houses are like building a playhouse for adults and allows them to cross the fantasy and reality barriers.

The design of the storybook home plans has been inspired by the English cottage. Many houses in the UK are cottages with real thatched roofing which is where the fairy tale look comes from. The choices in storybook home designs can range from simple, one-story hobbit houses to extravagant two-story houses. You get to choose your design, size, and features when you look at home plans for these types of houses.

Stone, wood, and stucco exterior materials are used to build storybook houses. Most of them include a carriage house style garage and classic medieval cottage architecture. It’s common to see diamond pane windows, twin stone chimneys, beamed interior ceilings, dormers, finials, and other decorative elements that bring your own story to life in your house design.

People are building cottages to use as a vacation home or weekend getaway as well as for their permanent residences. Most people that built a storybook home not only include the cedar, thatched-look roofing, but also fencing, gardens, foliage, flowers, ivy, trees, and other landscaping and lawn features to match the theme.

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