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Event chairs are often called stacking chairs; they are very popular in churches, convention centers and other facilities that need ample seating, but not on an everyday basis. The conventional stacking chair that is made today is produced from a plastic material and is molded in one piece. Although they may still be available, folding chairs are not as popular as they once were. Mono-block wholesale event chairs offer ease of storage and they are very economical for those times when practical, inexpensive seating is needed. Although they are reasonably priced, there are differences; the chair purchased at a discount store is one thing whereas higher quality stacking chairs use metal frames, high quality plastic and are often cushioned.

The wholesale event chairs which are the most popular only came on the scene in the mid 20th century. Today, these mono-block designs are very diverse. The chairs can have arms or no arms; some even have a writing surface when they are used in an environment where people have to fill out forms, etc. These chairs are all designed in such a manner as perhaps eight or 10 chairs can be easily stacked on top of each other, nesting into position so that that the stack is safely free-standing. The original design of this type of stacking chair was metal tubing but with the advent of less expensive and sturdier plastic, the all metal stacking chair has lost in popularity.

Wholesale event chairs can often be seen in public areas, a common place where they are used is in a place of worship. In many places of worship, the room is used for multiple activities and having fixed seating is really no longer suitable. The chairs can be arranged in any manner to suit whatever activity is taking place. For a Sunday service, the chairs can be arranged in lines similar to pews, but when the hall is being used for a social occasion, the layout can be very different. In many cases, companies will have a stock of wholesale event chairs which they can call upon in the event there is a conference or similar meeting. They are ideal for use in the waiting room of a doctor or dentist as well as a health clinic.

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