Signs You May Need a Professional Garage Door Repairs in Lebanon, Ohio

by | Jan 20, 2020 | Garage Door

The garage door is the biggest moving part of a home, which makes it susceptible to a wide range of issues. Although some issues require a simple fix, others are more complicated and require the help of a professional for garage door repairs in Lebanon, Ohio. Here are a few of some of the most common issues that homeowners face with their overhead doors.

Close and Open Limits
You may notice your garage door going down completely and then suddenly opening again. If this occurs, it is most likely due to the close and open limit settings on your overhead door opener. This particular range essentially tells your opener how far your door needs to move before being fully closed. When the settings are too high, your overhead door will strike the ground before your opener thinks this should happen, and it will assume your door has struck an object in its path. Thus, it automatically reverses to keep from crushing it. A garage door professional can guide you through the process of fixing this issue.

Disconnect Switch
Each overhead door opener has a disconnect switch. This switch enables you to close or open your door manually in the event that your home power fails. The switch is typically connected to a knob or rope, which can inadvertently become unhooked. Be sure that the hook is secure. If you continue to have problems, a professional garage door repair company can examine your system and pinpoint what issue you may be having.

Other Door-opening Issues
In some cases, an automatic overhead door opener runs briefly and then quickly shuts off, but the door does not move. This typically occurs when your door is not open, and your motor is attempting to lift it, but it will not move. This problem can easily be solved with the assistance of a company that provides garage door repairs in Lebanon, Ohio. Professionals can check your springs and your track for any obstacles. They can also check to see if your door has a built-in lock that as accidental been engaged directly. This type of lock is common with older doors.

Advanced Door Systems can effectively diagnose and resolve any garage door issues you may have. To learn more about the company services, visit our website.

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