Signs of a fault with your air conditioning system

by | Apr 6, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

There are a number of things to consider with regards to identifying the need for repair or remedial work concerning your air conditioning system. Faults in the air conditioning system can be due to the failure of one or more components. Air conditioning can sometimes be complex so it is advisable to take advantage of the expertise offered by the various companies offering HVAC services in Cincinnati, Ohio. They will be able to give you professional advice and guidance concerning all of your air conditioning needs and requirements and will assist you with regards to any of these faulty components.

Loss of power

A common problem with air conditioning units concerns a loss of power to the unit. The root of this problem could be due to a fault with one of the fuses or breakers. These are important safety features on any electrical appliance and are usually called upon when an electrical appliance develops a fault for any reason. Check all fuse boxes and reset any trips prior to attempting to re-start the air conditioning system. If the unit has power for only the briefest of moments before once more failing it is safe to assume that there is a problem with one of the internal components at which point it is advisable to consult a professional engineer specializing in HVAC services in Cincinnati, Ohio. The problem may be a more complex one involving wiring or the thermostat and engineers will be able to efficiently identify and resolve any such problem.

Noisy units

In the same way our motor vehicles become loud and noisy when there is a fault, so too does an air conditioning unit. It is telling us that there is a fault with an internal component that requires immediate attention. Some common causes for a noisy air conditioning unit concerns internal bearings and items or debris becoming stuck in the fans. A noisy unit will continue to work for a short period of time but by addressing the issue immediately we are more likely to save on more expensive repair costs as the problem becomes worse.

Cooling performance

The main function of an air conditioning system is to provide cool air. In offices and homes across the world this is its primary use. When an air conditioning unit develops a fault and does not cool an area effectively or efficiently it can become a real nuisance. Most of us will have been in situations where a cooling system has developed a fault. If this is the case during the summer months it causes all manner of problems. Identify faults early and benefit from the efficient use of your unit at all times.

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