Restore the Beauty of Your Home With Siding That Matches It’s Architectural Style

by | Nov 7, 2013 | Roofing

Our homes come in a variety of architectural styles such as colonial, craftsman or ranch. These styles determine not only the character of the home, but how it looks as well. This is an important point to keep in mind whenever you are rebuilding, remodeling or simply refurbishing a home. Failing to follow the original architectural style can often make the home look awkward and out of character. This is especially important when working on the exterior of the home and even more so when replacing the Siding on the building.

Siding can be one of the most difficult decision a home-owner can make. For one reason, it often covers huge areas of the home’s exterior. Even brick homes can have large walls that are covered with exterior siding. Ranch and colonial style homes often use little or no brick in the exterior walls which leaves enormous areas covered with the same bland siding. Selecting a siding product in the right pattern and color scheme to match the home is only part of the problem. The flip side is ensuring the home looks great while not clashing with any of the neighboring houses.

Another problem that clouds the selection process is the materials used in the siding. For decades most new homes used a composite siding which installed like regular wooden boards. While this product has it’s advantages such as increased insulation it also could be easily damaged and when chipped or broken it could begin to slowly break down at the damaged area. Modern siding alternatives for these problems include products such as vinyl siding. Vinyl exterior siding comes in a huge array of styles ranging from cedar shake to vertical slats. The most common selection for newer homes is the horizontal slat style which resembles the default siding used by many contractors for new homes.

A lot of people think changing the siding on your home is an easy process, but it really depends on the condition of the home. Old and decaying siding can be difficult to remove and newer siding materials tend to break when removing them from the wall. This is one of the reasons it is so important to hire an experienced company like Cascella and Sons. With over twenty years of experience in the construction business these builders can easily handle whatever problems the home may have.

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