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Residential Home Remodeling in Xenia, OH

Residential Home Remodeling in Xenia, OH

Making upgrades to your home can make it look nicer, more functional and even increase its monetary value.

However, if you’re looking for forms of residential home remodeling in Xenia, OH, that will deliver the most bang for your buck — maybe you’re looking to sell your home soon — the following are some projects that will go a long way in enhancing its value.

Kitchen Upgrades

The kitchen is arguably the most essential room of any home, which is why major upgrades in this area can vastly increase the value of a house.

Whether you’re upgrading appliances, installing new cabinetry, re-flooring or installing new countertops, this room needs to be designed for beauty, functionality and durability.

Finishing a Basement

An unfinished basement might be good for storage, but it’s a major waste of interior space. Finishing a basement can help you nearly double the usable square footage of your home instantly.

Overhauling Outdoor Spaces

The curb appeal and amount of livable outdoor space is important to your home’s value, as well. In addition to tidying up the landscaping, adding a deck, porch or sunroom is a great way to increase the livable space of your home without a major home renovation.

Don’t Entrust This Important Work to Just Anyone

With Shriner Building Company, you will have trusted and proven builders handling each phase of your remodeling project, ensuring that it is completed up to your highest standards. Connect with our team and let’s talk about your home remodeling needs.

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