Provide Patients the Privacy They Deserve with Fine Curtains

by | Jun 11, 2014 | Windows Treatment

Let’s be honest a�� no patient likes the idea of being stuck in a hospital bed. You make the experience as comfortable and healing as you can with expert care and treatment, as well as amazing technology and information. What if you could provide a little something more?

Cube Care is pleased to present the hospital bed curtains that staff and patients alike can appreciate. Unlike the plain, thin and clinical looking curtains of earlier decades, these high quality fabrics make a room both safer and more home-like. Because they are designed to hold up to the challenges of a day-to-day hospital routine, they’ll be a fabulous investment. Because we make them to bring soothing color into a room, they’ll contribute to the healing of your patients.

Select from a range of functional and aesthetic styles, as well as reusable or disposable varieties. Whether you need to dress small, emergency room areas or larger, multi-patient rooms, we have a system that will work for you. All products adhere to the strict standards of the industry, and are fire retardant and snag free.A�Standard hospital bed curtains should be able to give you maximum functionality at a moment’s notice, but also be easily swept out of the way when you don’t need them. This is a prominent feature that often operates in the background.

Our curtains are available in solid continuous pieces, separate panels or a combination of the two. You have color choices for the fabric, mesh and even the grommets, ensuring that the curtains will complement your current look. Imagine how much both patients and medical staff will appreciate curtains that are both practical and nice to look at, and make your facility a more efficient and effective environment.

Spend a little time looking through the Cube Care textile gallery to find the colors and patterns to best suit your existing or planned dA�cor. Our team will be glad to help with every step of the selection, installation and maintenance process to support a streamlined integration. We recognize that your clients are from the general public, and do not necessarily fit into a specific demographic. This can make curtain selection a bit more difficult, but our experienced professionals will guide you through. With a fine balance of subtlety and vibrancy, these hospital bed curtains will be sure to soothe your patients, and make them feel at home.

Feel free to contact Cube Care with any questions or concerns regarding our hospital bed curtains. Our team is friendly and knowledgeable, and happy to assist with something as important as the health care of your patients. Even if you dona��t know where to begin, we’re ready to help you get started, and look forward to working with you!

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