Projection Screen Options For Your Home Theater

by | May 14, 2013 | Home Automation

When it comes to selecting projection-type screens, the first question to ask is “Where do I want to install the projection screen?” Do you have furniture or a certain wall that you want to use? Do you want the projector on the ceiling, either in a fixed spot or with the ability to be raised and hidden? What size screen can your room accommodate?

With a rear projection, the projector itself is hidden from view behind the screen. For every other projection type screens, the projector is somewhere in front of the screen. If you have limited space behind the projection screen, the a rear projector is not the best choice for you . So after deciding that a front screen projector is the one you want, popular choices are a fixed, manual or electric screen. Fixed projection screens cannot be moved. This is a good option if you have a specific wall you wanted to use, and the screen will not be blocking anything. The types of fixed screens include a flat screen, a curved screen and there also a rear projection fixed screen. Manual screens and electric screens can be pulled down when you are ready to watch something, and then go back up or down into the housing when you are done. Manual screens are the most affordable and for both of these types of screens the housing can be recessed into a ceiling or as a wall mount. Do you like to entertain outdoors? Your Draper Home Theater local distributor can install a manual or electric projection screen specifically designed for outside use. Furniture can also be used to hide the screen when not in use for a more streamlined look that matches your existing room color and scheme. As for the size and format, the most popular projection screens are listed below:

AV Format (1:1) from 50″ x 50″ to 120″ x 120″

NTSC Format (4:3) from 6′ to 15′ diagonal

HDTV Format 6:9) (from 65″ to 161″ diagonal

16:10 Format from 67″ to 165″ diagonal

WideScreen Format(1.85:1) from 99″ to 162″ diagonal

Cinemascope Format (2.35:1) from 115″ to 166″ diagonal

Whatever size or style you need, Draper Home Theater is a name you can trust for all of your projection screen and audio/visual mounting and lifting attachment needs.


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