Paving Parking Lots in Mount Vernon WA

by | Oct 16, 2019 | Construction and Maintenance

Parking lots in Mount Vernon WA need periodic resurfacing and at times they have to be extended, this can be particularly true in shopping malls as the traffic increases and management realize that the parking lot has to be expanded.

Parking lots in Mount Vernon WA can last for many years with proper maintenance. Asphalt is the material of choice for parking lots because it is durable, simple to prepare and pave, cost effective and strong. As the years go by, parking lot inspection will point out the need for periodic repair and the need for routine maintenance.

Once Parking Lots in Mount Vernon WA have been laid it will be common practice to patch areas that develop pot holes or cracks. These are unavoidable because of the freezing and thawing of the ground in the winter and spring. The frost will heave the surface causing cracks which, if not repaired correctly will allow water to permeate the surface, eventually freeze again and the crack gets larger and larger. When the ground thaws in the spring the pavement collapses and a pole hole is formed.

Depending on the size of the crack or pot hole and the season when the repair has to be made either hot mix or cold mix asphalt will be used. Contractors, who build, maintain and repair Parking Lots Mount Vernon WA will know the correct mix to use and how to prepare for and apply it.

Over the years asphalt Parking Lots in Mount Vernon WA will deteriorate and sections may have to be redone. In this case the old asphalt surface has to be removed and the sub strata prepared as it was initially. When laying the new asphalt it is important that the old and new bond properly to avoid any cracking in the future. In the case of complete failure of the asphalt surface it is best to employ an overlay on the entire parking lot. When you notice large puddles of standing water this is usually an indication that an overlay is necessary.

Preparing for the overlay entails a complete cleaning, filling of any depressions, grinding the transitions, lifting of any manhole covers or service points and other steps depending on the lot itself. To extend the life of Parking Lots in Mount Vernon WA it is a good idea to consider sealing the surface immediately upon completion of laying the pavement. The sealant will protect the surface from oil and fuel spills as well as oxidation and erosion. Without a sealant the infrared rays of the sun oxidizes the asphalt cement that binds the material together and the surface becomes porous and the problems with cracking start again. Sealing can be done to older surfaces and when it is done, the rich black color is restored which enhances the beauty of the property.

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