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by | Jun 30, 2021 | Construction and Maintenance

Commercial Construction in Denver involves many aspects and approaches. Most companies can bring your project from beginning to end so the process can be cost effective and well managed. Pre-construction is the process by which the design of the building is analyzed for viability. Feasibility studies are completed to identify business needs in an area. This stage also includes establishing a budget for the project and determining when the construction schedule will begin. It is important to communicate expectations for updates and cost shifts throughout the process.

Project management is a comprehensive approach that allows you to focus on your business while the manager focuses on the construction. This person handles everything. Initial programming, getting equipment suppliers, commissioning, and even employee moves to the new building. The role of the project manager may look slightly different in different companies so be sure you understand all that your commercial construction in Denver provider includes in his approach. Some companies assign a manager to take care of programming, safety, schedules, and problem projections. Updates are important as schedules may fall behind or costs may rise and need to be adjusted. It is beneficial to have one person to go to with any questions while the project is ongoing.

A “Design-Build” model means you will be using the same company from start to finish. This helps eliminate communication issues between the designer and the contractor. It can also save you money going with just one company. Another model that is used more and more these days is called “Building Information Modeling” or BIM. It is software that allows you to see the project in 3D so you can get better visualization of the finished product. It also can show material data and quantities, construction schedules, and cost estimates. This cuts down on on-site fabrication and can save you money on the project as a whole. Hammers Construction, Inc. is an example of one commercial construction company that uses BIM for its projects.

The last aspect to commercial construction is post construction inspections and maintenance. It is a serious investment, and you will want to keep up with suggested maintenance to ensure that your building will be well preserved for many years. Check with your provider to see if they have a maintenance plan in which you can participate. It will be one less thing to worry about or forget down the line.

Hammers Construction, Inc. is a team of General Contractors with over 25 years of experience in the commercial design build industry.

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