Licensing For Roofing Contractors In Longmont CO

by | Jan 4, 2022 | Roofing

In the building and contracting industries, especially the residential realm, there are many contractors for people to choose from. Customer can choose between anything from the a handyman to the fully licensed, bonded and insured professional. Some homeowners are staunch about only using “true” professionals while others see that as not important.

If you are among the many roofing contractors, what are the benefits to you of having a current license, being bonded and fully insured? Why not just save yourself the money and hassle and do the work? The reasons are many. The two biggest reasons that any builder, handyman or contractor should care about licensing and insurance are to protect himself and to assure and solicit customers.

Any task in the building arena can open one up to liability and roofing is no exception. An unhappy customer can try to sue you if they do not believe the work was done properly or per the initial agreement. Without insurance, you could financially be ruined. Additionally, if you are injured on the job, you should not count on the homeowner’s or building owner’s insurance policy to take full care of you-it is critical in such situations to carry your own insurance as well.

The best and most reputable roofing contractors in Longmont CO also have the appropriate level of building contractors licensing. This is not overly difficult to obtain if you are knowledgeable about your business and craft. Your local city offices can direct you through the steps, which typically include taking a test, to obtain your license.

For projects such as roofing, most customers will only want to work with a fully licensed contractor. It is also a way to ensure you have access to the best customers, not just those looking to pay as little as possible. Roofing contractors are wise to promote their licensed status as a benefit to potential customers. It is a sign that you are qualified and reputable and they can trust you, similar to a good AAA rating for a hotel. And, ensuring that you renew your license year after year is a good sign as well-longevity in business and continuity spell a trust to customers.

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