Landscaping with Flagstone and Boulders in Santa Ynez Valley

by | Feb 19, 2013 | Landscaping

If youa��re ready to do some fresh new landscaping in your yard and around your home, consider using materials such as flagstone and boulders in Santa Ynez Valley or elsewhere. This can give your surroundings an earthy appearance and when well done can make for a very attractive, upscale setting. As this can be an intensive project to take on, and one that should be done just right, not to mention one that requires a good bit of caution to be used, you should allow a professional to come in and do the work.

If you have a basic concrete patio in your backyard, and would like to turn it in to a truly usable space where you can do things such as barbeque and host social gatherings, redoing your patio in flagstone can make a drastic change in appearance and atmosphere. You could then consider surrounding it with boulders, giving it a natural fence. If you dona��t have a patio, but do have other areas that are paved with concrete, the same theory could apply to those as well. Consider if your front walkway is the standard boring sidewalk-looking style thata��s usually seen in front of most homes. You can create a whole new look for your home simply by replacing that boring walkway with natural flagstone, which could then be edged by small boulders. And if youa��re feeling particularly daring, you could even have your driveway redone in flagstone! The possibilities are really rather endless when it comes to the design and location of where you would like to have flagstone and boulder areas installed.

Another area to consider would be surrounding your backyard pool. It will be far more pleasing to look at and more comfortable to walk across in the summer when the ground is retaining a good deal of heat. Flagstone is also smoother to walk on than standard concrete is. And as flagstone can be obtained in a variety of colors, all of which are natural, you could consider mixing and matching, or selecting a blue or grey shade that would help to accent your pool. Here again you have so many possibilities to choose from.

If youa��re simply looking to spruce up an existing porch or patio, the addition of boulders surrounding it, or at least accenting the edges, can give these areas an entirely new look for very little cost or effort. Simply call up your local landscaping supply company and work with them to determine what would best work for you, then allow them to come in and place your new boulders just where you want them. After that, you can sit back and enjoy the brand new look youa��ve just created using boulders or flagstones for your landscaping project.


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