Landscaping and Excavating in Bernardsville NJ

by | Jan 6, 2014 | Landscaping

The argument could be made that your yard is the most important part of your home when you are thinking about home value or resale potential. Curb appeal is what gives people the very first, and often lasting, impression of your home. How a yard looks may be what convinces someone to even come to look at a house when it is for sale.

Even if you are not interested in ever selling your home, how the exterior of your home looks will affect your opinion about your home. When you have a beautifully landscaped yard you will feel pride every time you arrive home. A well landscaped property is more enjoyable to spend time in and can even be safer for people to enjoy.

Bednar Landscape Services Inc. is a New Jersey landscape designer that can take your yard to new levels of beauty. They offer Excavating in Bernardsville NJ to help level yards or install drainage systems. This important first step will help to control excess water so your new grass or plants can thrive. Leveling a yard will also make it easier to walk across and often more visually pleasing as well.

At Bednar they offer a full line of hardscaping services. They can install walkways and patios, both from stones and brick. They also install rock borders and walls. They create outdoor living and cooking spaces, install driveways and stone veneers.

Their softscaping services include installing flower gardens wherever you would like to see them added. They provide tree and shrub care, turf maintenance and offer fertilization and pesticide applications.

Bednar offers seasonal services which include leaf removal in fall, debris cleanup and planting in spring and new installations and flower garden maintenance through the summer. In the winter they assist with snow removal. Many of their services which are installed in the summer are to help with the special needs created during the winter months. These include building retaining walls and installing draining systems. They can perform regular yard maintenance or provide only a one time service, whatever the homeowner chooses.

Excavating in Bernardsville NJ, patio installations and mulching. All of these services can be supplied by one company. Call Bednar for any of your landscaping needs.

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