Keep People Healthy and Safe With Portable Hand Basins!

by | Sep 21, 2016 | Plumbing

It doesna��t matter if you are an independent contractor that just happens to be providing a one-time meal, a food truck owner, or a much larger company with an outdoor experiencea��your customers and consumers need to be safe and healthy. Using a portable hand wash basin not only prevents your customers from getting sick and promoting their health, but also ensures safety provided by your employees as StreetFoodNews happily explains.

  1. Legal precedent. If keeping your customers happy and safe isna��t the deal for you, then be aware that there is a legal requirementa��especially in regards to the food services industrya��that your employees conduct business in a clean manner. This doesna��t mean just dawning gloves, and then replacing them between each crafted meal, but also washing their hands before and after handling food. A portable hand wash basin behind the counter or just off to the side of your outdoor function increases and provides this necessary legal precedent.
  2. Increase your consumer base. If you are known as the company, independent, or provider who happens to have the cleanest tools, the cleanest workspace, and the capability of providing more than just napkins to your customers then youa��ll have a better consumer base than the opposition. Being able to supply your consumers demands is an important one, and why not get ahead of the competition with something as simple as a cost effective portable sink?
  3. Health and Safety needs to be met. Even if it werena��t for a legal precedent that your space and materials be clean, or that your employees keep clean hands for health reasons, providing a safe, bacterial and infection free zone is something anyonea��especially within the food industrya��knows is a must. If your consumers grow sick on your food and your dime it can come back to bite you twice as hard. A portable hand wash basin for the outdoor food cart not only keeps your employers clean, but also your customers. In the case of handling food health and safety is always important.

Therea��s more to outdoor consumerism than just providing a service. You need to provide other necessities too, and while there may be a public restroom that is within easy reach, your employees wona��t always get the chance to step away from the stand to go wash their hands. This is doubly important for the off chance that your employees that handle raw, or potentially uncover rotten food.

Wash basins used within the food industry in places such as college campuses or even at the park need to meet FDA and ADA standards. Not only that but they need to be made of high quality material designed to protect against bacteria and mold. MONSAM Enterprises prides itself on providing portable wash basins that do just that.

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