Is Using Chemicals When Air Duct Cleaning In Chappaqua NY A Good Idea?

by | Aug 1, 2012 | Cleaning Tips and Tools

Heating and air conditioning ducts are prone to contamination. Depending on the environment contaminates can be mold, mildew, fungus, dust, vermin and other undesirable elements. Air duct cleaning Chappaqua NY will remove all these sources of poor air quality and reduce the power consumption at the same time.

During the cleaning process, which involves brushing and vacuuming, it may be found prudent by the contractor to use certain chemicals to improve the process. These could be chemicals used to clean the coils, bowers and blower casings and other areas where deep grime and other contamination have built up. The contractor is obliged to bring the potential use of chemicals to the occupants of the building because some people are sensitive to certain chemicals. If a situation like this arises it would be highly advantageous if the person who has a reaction to the chemical be out of the building while ita��s being used and that the building be well ventilated.

Possible hazards associated with the use of chemicals may be;

* Allergic reaction

* Burns caused by chemical exposure

* Respiratory problems

* Eye trauma

* Poisoning

* Fumes with toxicity

A reputable contractor will advise the owner of the possible risks and once fully understood, have the owner sign a release before application. If the owner does not want chemicals used then the contractor is bound by this request. If, during the preliminary inspection, rodent infestation was found, the contractor must hold a pesticide applicators license or have a pest controller take responsibility for mitigating these vermin.

If you allow for the use of chemicals during the air duct cleaning in Chappaqua NY process they will consist of:

Antimicrobial Pesticide: A chemical which is used to control microbial pests such as fungus, mold, viruses and bacteria. Regardless of what the chemical composition is, if the chemical is used as a pesticide it is considered as such and must be an EPA registered product.

Sanitizer: It is a substance or olio of substances that will effectively kill 99.9% of all bacteria on a surface. The products used are also EPA registered and are basically defined as products that will bring the level of bacteria to a level considered safe by the public health department.

Disinfectant: Is an agent that can eliminate infectious microorganisms but not bacterial spores. They are most useful in the fight against fungi and viruses.

During the air duct cleaning in Chappaqua NY process, the chemicals are sprayed, wiped on or applied as a fog. The method of application is always on the chemical container and must be followed by the contractor.

The use of chemicals can help in reducing the risk of future microbial growth which of course is of benefit. The overuse of these chemicals can lead to needless over exposure and at times poor application can be a waste of money.

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