Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Home With the Help of a Local Landscaping Company

by | Apr 21, 2015 | Landscaping

Many people associate a landscaping company as companies which only provide lawn care services. Landscaping companies are often willing to do a wide range of projects ranging from cleaning up leaves and branches to installing irrigation systems. Whether you want to improve the curb appeal of your home to increase the sale value or you are having problems with drainage, here are some of the most common procedures a landscaping company can provide for you.

Thorough Detailing and Cleanup

Keeping up with the maintenance of our yard is an ongoing and time-consuming process. However, there are times when we simply need to quickly spruce up the exterior of our homes, such as when we will be entertaining guests and hosting a barbecue over the weekend. When time is of the essence, using a professional landscaping company can get the yard ready for our guests. A one-time cleanup may include projects such as trimming the hedges, mulching flower beds, mowing the lawn and/or planting some new flowers. After a professional one-time cleanup, your yard will look as though you meticulously spend hours each day working on it.

Seed and Sod

Having gorgeous grass will help to dramatically improve the curb appeal of your home. Whether you have recently moved into a newly constructed home or your grass is simply being abused, you can instantly have a lush, green lawn with sod. Seeding is a slower process, but many prefer the look and feel of seed over sod. A local landscaping company can evaluate the current state of your yard and help you determine whether you would benefit from sod, seed or a combination of both.


Hardscapes are both useful as well as decorative fixtures which can be used to give your yard stabilization. Hardscapes are frequently used when a home is built on an incline; however, it can be used in almost any situation. Hardscapes may include walls which are built from various materials such as brick, rock or wood, as well as patios, pathways and/or decks. Hardscapes are an excellent way to improve the look of your home as well as increase the resale value.

Irrigation System

One of the most important things a healthy yard requires is steady nourishment. A landscaping company can install an irrigation system for the yard of your Rochester Hills, MI home to help regulate the moisture. Irrigation systems allow you to set a timer for watering, which prevents over and/or under watering of the lawn. These systems are especially beneficial if you have a newly constructed home or if the lawn has been severely damaged.

A landscaping company in Rochester Hills, MI can also provide landscaping services such as installing outdoor lighting, designing a landscaped setting which coordinates well with the rest of your property, and also help you select the perfect foliage and flowers for the specific type of soil found in your yard. If you would like to learn more about professional landscaping services, JJW is a landscaping company in Rochester Hills, MI who would be happy to answer and address any questions or concerns you may have.

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